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Forming of thermally coated sheets forthe production of plastic-metal hybrids withpositive-locking joints

Peer-reviewed Papers

Authors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Wolfgang Tillmann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erman Tekkaya, Dipl.-Ing Boris Rauscher, Dipl.-Ing. Bastian Rüther
Light-weight, cost-favourable and high-strength hybrid components can be produced by combining metal and plastic materials in one component. The integrated forming of the sheet in the injection moulding tool using the pressure of the plastic melt promises to shorten the process chain. In particular, the fluid-based forming (by means of injection moulding) of semi-finished sheet products which were provided with thermally sprayed functional coats and thus permit the positive locking of the plastic and sheet components after the injection moulding promises a high potential with regard to the production of light-weight plastic-metal hybrid components with a high mechanical load-bearing capacity at the same time. The article reports on results which have been obtained within the framework of a new fabrication concept for the production of plastic-metal hybrids with positive-locking joints.
Pages: 64 - 68
Ausgabe 01 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 64
Ausgabe 01 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 65
Ausgabe 01 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 66
Ausgabe 01 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 67
Ausgabe 01 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 68
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