The bilingual (German/English) trade journal THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN covers the technology of Thermal Spraying in application-oriented specialist articles about new developments and state-of-the-art as well as peer-reviewed scientific specialist articles. In addition, reports on events, standardisation activities and companies keep our readership informed about latest developments.

Issue 1 (2024)

Issue Highlights:
High velocity oxy fuel spraying on internal surfaces by means of angled torch

Use of hydrogen fuel HVOF torches type ID-Nova and Mini-Nova enables the production of high-quality metal and cermet coatings on bores with diameter as small as 76 mm. The coatings feature high density, microhardness and...

Cost-efficient coatings with friction- and wearreducing properties for the valve industry

Cost-efficient coatings are of great interest for the competitiveness in the valve industry. Previous process developments have achieved dense coatings with high wear and corrosion protection and reduced surface roughne...

Arc spraying in silane-doped argon: Widening the material spectrum in oxygen-free process zones

The oxygen present in the process zone of thermal spraying causes the oxidation of the respective interfaces and the surfaces of a thermally sprayed composite and exerts crucial influences on the functional properties an...

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