The bilingual (German/English) trade journal THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN covers the technology of Thermal Spraying in application-oriented specialist articles about new developments and state-of-the-art as well as peer-reviewed scientific specialist articles. In addition, reports on events, standardisation activities and companies keep our readership informed about latest developments.

Issue 2 (2022) Volume 15

Issue Highlights:
Optimization of the carbide grain size in WC-Co(Cr)-coatings for increase of the wear resistance with simultaneous corrosive load

The aim of the work presented in this paper was the adaptation of well-established WC-10Co4Cr coatings to changed service requirements. As important applications are hydraulic parts with liquid perfusion and incoming flo...

Thermally sprayed coatings for dry sliding bearings

Commonly, sliding layers are applied to the bearing support structures of dry sliding bearings by means of special attachments. With the thermal spraying process, such support structures can be coated directly. Within th...

Evaluation of thermally sprayed oxide ceramics for insulation applications in electromobility

In this publication, the standard material for thermally sprayed electrical insulation coatings, aluminium oxide, is compared with mullite. Here, statements about the dielectric insulation properties of the two oxide cer...

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