The bilingual (German/English) trade journal THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN covers the technology of Thermal Spraying in application-oriented specialist articles about new developments and state-of-the-art as well as peer-reviewed scientific specialist articles. In addition, reports on events, standardisation activities and companies keep our readership informed about latest developments.

Issue 1 (2023) Volume 16

Issue Highlights:
Thermal spraying in oxygen-free environment: Meltoff and atomisation behaviour of twin-wire arc spraying processes in silane-doped inert gases

In addition to the actual functional properties, the bond strengths between the coating and the substrate constitute one of the decisive quality criteria of a thermally sprayed coating. Since conventional thermal spray...

Thermal spraying with suspensions: Innovative, economically viable carbide-based suspensions

The objectives of the work presented here were to develop easy to handle carbide suspensions which are adjusted to industrial-scale hardware and to produce high-quality thick (up to 150 μm) and thinner (approx. 20 μm) ca...

Coating development for potential application in PEM water electrolysis

Polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis (PEMWE) is an electrolysis technology for hydrogen production. The bipolar plate (BPP) and the porous transport layer (PTL) made of titanium are two costly components in t...

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