The bilingual (German/English) trade journal THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN covers the technology of Thermal Spraying in application-oriented specialist articles about new developments and state-of-the-art as well as peer-reviewed scientific specialist articles. In addition, reports on events, standardisation activities and companies keep our readership informed about latest developments.

Issue 2 (2023) Jahrgang 16

Issue Highlights:
Wear protection coatings with low porosities and surface roughnesses, applied by means of highvelocity oxy-fuel suspension flame spraying

High-velocity oxy-fuel suspension flame spraying (HVSFS) offers an outstanding possibility of processing powders with small particle diameters in the range from 1 μm to 15 μm. Thus, it is possible to set the coating thic...

Thermal sprayed coatings as a solution for joining steel/Al composite castings

Material composites made of aluminium die cast and steel offer great potential for lightweight construction applications. The control of intermetallic phases, which arise due to diffusion processes, is particularly chall...

Thermal expansion of high entropy alloys for multilayer heating systems

With a heating element close to the surface, the temperature in plastic injection molding can be dynamically controlled to positively influence the molded part quality. Thermal spraying allows the production of heating c...

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