The bilingual (German/English) trade journal THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN covers the technology of Thermal Spraying in application-oriented specialist articles about new developments and state-of-the-art as well as peer-reviewed scientific specialist articles. In addition, reports on events, standardisation activities and companies keep our readership informed about latest developments.

Issue 01 (2021) Jahrgang 14

Issue Highlights:
Capability of blue lasers for cladding of noble metals

These days mostly IR or infrared laser sources are used in industrial laser cladding applications. The absorption of such radiation is particularly low for noble metals like copper or silver in solid state. Also, noble m...

Particle tailored effective particle-gas interaction coefficients during plasma spraying

Modelling thermal spraying makes it possible to gain an understanding of ongoing processes that can only be determined experimentally with great difficulty or not at all. For example, without simulation it is hardly poss...

Characterisation of arc-sprayed corrosion protection coatings post-treated by means of “machine hammer peening”

For the service lives of, e.g., offshore structures, significance is attached not only to orrosive resistance but also to mechanical properties. Corrosion protection coatings on a ZnAl basis are often used for the protec...

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