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Plasma-sprayed oxides using powdersand suspensions

Specialist Article

Author: Prof. Dr. Lech Pawlowski

The activity of The Service of Thermal Spraying at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille in the area of the plasma spraying of oxide powders and suspensions is presented. The studies have concerned coatings of two oxides Ca5(PO4)3OH (hydroxyapatite, HA) and TiO2, alloyed sometimes with Al2O3, obtained by the plasma spraying of powder and suspension feedstock. The technology of post-spray laser treatment was applied. The processes of powder spraying and laser treatment were mathematically modelled and the experimental simulations were compared with experimental data. The microstructural, physical and chemical properties of obtained deposits were carefully studied. The studies are aimed at industrial applications.
Pages: 14 - 18
Ausgabe 1 (2010)  Jahrgang 3 Page 14
Ausgabe 1 (2010)  Jahrgang 3 Page 15
Ausgabe 1 (2010)  Jahrgang 3 Page 16
Ausgabe 1 (2010)  Jahrgang 3 Page 17
Ausgabe 1 (2010)  Jahrgang 3 Page 18
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