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Columnarly structured thermal barrier coats appliedby means of thin-film low-pressure plasma spraying

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Authors: Dipl.-Min. Andreas Hospach, Dr.-Ing. Georg Mauer, Prof. Dr. Robert Vaßen, Prof. Dr. Detlev Stöver

The thin-film low-pressure plasma spraying process is a refinement of lowpressure plasma spraying at an even lower chamber pressure and a higher torch power. It should bridge the gap between plasma spraying and physical vapour deposition. As a result of the high torch power of up to 150 kW and the low chamber pressure of approx. 1 mbar, the spraying powder can be vaporised and the coating area enlarged. The present article describes additional process characteristics as well as the investigation of the thermal cycling behaviour of columnar thermal barrier coats which consisted of partially yttria-stabilised zirconia and were manufactured with this process.
Pages: 123 - 127
Ausgabe 2 (2010) Jahrgang 3 Page 123
Ausgabe 2 (2010) Jahrgang 3 Page 124
Ausgabe 2 (2010) Jahrgang 3 Page 125
Ausgabe 2 (2010) Jahrgang 3 Page 126
Ausgabe 2 (2010) Jahrgang 3 Page 127
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