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Remanufacturing of Engine Cylinder Bores withPTWA (Plasma Transferred Wire Arc) Spray Repair

Peer-reviewed Papers

Authors: Brad Beardsley, Dan Gerke, Bob Sharp, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin, Dr. Thomas Schläfer, Walter Blume, Mark Silk, Dipl. Ing. Leander Schramm, Dr.-Ing. Clemens Verpoort, Keith Bird, Spencer Lindon, Dr. David Cook
Remanufacturing is a growing global industry with important environmental and cost benefits. Plasma Transferred Wire Arc (PTWA) thermal spray is used to repair worn cylinder bores in aluminum and cast iron engines by replacing the worn material with a new coating layer that returns the part to its original dimensions. PTWA technology offers two clear advantages for remanufacturing: The first is the ability to salvage some engine blocks that would otherwise be scrapped, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits. The second is the achievement of cost savings for blocks that are already remanufacturable with traditional processes. With reduced costs and salvaging previously scrapped components, the use of the PTWA technology can increase remanufacturing of engine blocks.
Pages: 26 - 31
Ausgabe 1 (2009) Jahrgang 2 Page 26
Ausgabe 1 (2009) Jahrgang 2 Page 27
Ausgabe 1 (2009) Jahrgang 2 Page 28
Ausgabe 1 (2009) Jahrgang 2 Page 29
Ausgabe 1 (2009) Jahrgang 2 Page 30
Ausgabe 1 (2009) Jahrgang 2 Page 31
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