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Implementation of new mounting conceptsfor mechatronics using cold-gas-sprayed coats

Peer-reviewed Papers

Authors: Prof. Dr.Ing. habil. Bernhard Wielage, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grund, Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Kümmel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Wilde, Dipl.-Ing. Eugen Rastjagaev

Within the framework of the presented project, new mounting concepts for power electronics were implemented by applying Al/Cu coat systems to insulators by means of cold gas spraying (CGS). Fabrication technologies for the deposition of conductor/insulator structures on metal, ceramic and glass substrates were developed, tested, qualified and optimised. On these power electronics substrates, suitable test circuits were designed, mounted and investigated according to the testing regulations for power electronics. The applied copper and aluminium coats exhibit an extremely low porosity, no thermally induced phase transformations, no process-related oxides and a high adhesive strength. A comparison of CGS substrates with conventional DCB (direct-copper-bonded) substrates showed that the performance characteristics of the innovative CGS substrates reach approx. the demanded 80 % of the standard DCB parameters in each case.
Pages: 51 - 55
Ausgabe 1 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 51
Ausgabe 1 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 52
Ausgabe 1 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 53
Ausgabe 1 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 54
Ausgabe 1 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 55
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