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Investigation into the flux-free brazing of anAlMg3 allay with the aid of cold gas braze metalapplication

Peer-reviewed Papers

Authors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin, Dr.-Ing. Lidong Zhao, Dr.-Ing. Felix Ernst, Dipl.-Geow. Katharina Richardt, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erich Lugscheider

The following investigations take account of the circumstance that ever increasing significance is being attached to the processing of light metals and, in this respect, above all of aluminium alloys. Possibilities for the cost-favourable joining of light structural materials are being sought particularly in the transport industry.The work relating to the flux-free brazing of aluminium sheets with preplaced brazing solders is an important step in this direction. This application of the brazing solders dispensing with the otherwise customary fluxes is made possible by cold gas spraying in which the brazing solders in powder form are sprayed on to the components to be joined and are subsequently joined inductively in shielding gas.
Pages: 50 - 54
Ausgabe 1 (2008) Jahrgang 1 Page 50
Ausgabe 1 (2008) Jahrgang 1 Page 51
Ausgabe 1 (2008) Jahrgang 1 Page 52
Ausgabe 1 (2008) Jahrgang 1 Page 53
Ausgabe 1 (2008) Jahrgang 1 Page 54
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