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Thermally sprayed coatings for dry sliding bearings

Peer-reviewed Papers

Authors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin, H. Heinemann, M. Sc. Elisa Burbaum, M. Sc. Marvin Schulz

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53192/TSB202202104

Commonly, sliding layers are applied to the bearing support structures of dry sliding bearings by means of special attachments. With the thermal spraying process, such support structures can be coated directly. Within the scope of the project “WEGA”, IGFNo. 20.571 N, various solid lubricant containing coatings were developed for this purpose. In this study, a selection of promising coatings, which were developed with in this research project, is presented. In tribological investigations, it was shown that in comparison with a conventionally used sliding layer, coatings with a reduced wear and friction behavior were developed adapted to each of the investigated load collectives. Thus, the developed coatings represent a promising alternative to conventionally used sliding layers.
Pages: 104 - 111
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 104
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 105
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 106
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 107
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 108
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 109
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 110
Ausgabe 2 (2022) Jahrgang 15 Page 111
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