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Low-post-processing Fe-based micropowder coatings for cost-effective corrosion and wear protection applications

Peer-reviewed Papers

Authors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schläfer, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Warda, M. Sc. Marcel Schäfer

The potential of iron-based micropowder materials was investigated and highlighted within the framework of this project. For this purpose, Fe-based micropowder coating systems were subjected not only to basic characterisation but also to an analysis of their impact behaviour as well as of their wear and corrosion properties. An ink fountain roller from a printing machine was selected as the demonstrator component (definition of the boundary conditions for the investigations). The performance of the developed Fe-based micropowder coatings was evaluated on the basis of the corresponding boundary conditions and of the reference coating systems (316L, NiCrBSi and galvanic hard chromium, i.e. materials which are utilised in the printing industry). In addition to the technical aspects, economic factors were also included on the basis of a cost calculation.
Pages: 139 - 146
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 139
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 140
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 141
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This article appeared in issue 2 (2011).

Issue 2 (2011) Volume 4
Thermal Spray Bulletin
Issue 2 (2011) Volume 4
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