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Optimisation of an HVOF process usingsimulation techniques

Peer-reviewed Papers

Authors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schläfer, M. Sc. Marcel Schäfer

In the present paper, an approach was developed in order to describe keroseneoperated (kerosene-oxygen combustion) and hybrid (hydrogen-oxygen and kerosene-oxygen) HVOF systems using numerical methods. In this respect, the HVOF systems were investigated in relation to the process parameters and the nozzle configuration in order to achieve coatings whose process stability and reproducibility are especially adapted to micropowder. The objective of the simulations is to elaborate suitable process parameters for stipulated HVOF torches. The presented approach uses algorithmic differentiation for the optimisation of the geometries and makes it possible for installation manufacturers to adjust torch designs.
Pages: 159 - 164
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 159
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 160
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 161
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 162
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 163
Ausgabe 2 (2011) Jahrgang 4 Page 164
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